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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of Booking (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”) were last updated on May 30, 2022 and apply to all bookings made on or after this date. These Terms and Conditions form part of a binding contract governing bookings made with Lowgolf S.L. (hereinafter “Lowgolf S.L.”) by customers and their travel agents, in connection with the use of third party services provided by travelers.

The total or partial prepayment of the booked services implies the acceptance of the general terms and conditions described below. Lowgolf does not make a breakdown of the packages or trips included for purchase or refund/cancellation purposes.

It is important to be clear that Lowgolf has agreements with other service providers which also have their own terms and conditions and have nothing to do with these defined below. Lowgolf will not provide any refund, exchange, credit or be liable in any way if a traveler breaches the terms and conditions of a service provider, supplier, event organizer, golf course or venue and is ejected, refused entry, cancelled entry or does not use a service.


All our reservations are guaranteed or true as well as tee times, tickets or access to events as Lowgolf is one of the official authorized suppliers of The Open, and we are part of the International Association of Tour Operators (IAGTO).

Deposit and confirmation

To confirm a reservation with more than 90 days left to travel, 50% of the total cost of the trip will be required. If, on the other hand, there are less than 90 days remaining, 100% of the trip must be paid.

A CONFIRMED RESERVATION will be considered CONFIRMED once 50% of the total cost of the trip has been paid as a deposit. Airline tickets, Tee Times confirmation, event tickets, VIP passes and hotel rooms will be issued at the same time, never before.

It will be the client’s responsibility if, due to the delay in confirming the reservation, there are not the seats that had been previously requested.

The balance (50%) must be paid 90 (120 days for The Open) days prior to the day of arrival for the trip, at which time payment for the remainder of the trip will be requested and no more than 72 hours will be available to receive the amount. If this requirement is not met, the reservation will be considered automatically cancelled, and the conditions described in the “Cancellation Policy” chapter will apply and no claim will be accepted.

No payments, including deposits, stage payments or final payments, are refundable and it is therefore strongly recommended that cancellation insurance be taken out to cover not only the aforementioned possibility but also any liability at the destination.

Prices and currency

Prices are quoted in the currency of origin of each country and exchanged into Euros. Therefore, prices may be subject to change until the moment the clients have confirmed and settled the reservation.

The price in “currency of origin” will be frozen once the deposit for the reservation of the trip is made, regardless of the change of currency.

Insurance reserve

At Lowgolf we strongly recommend the purchase of cancellation and liability insurance at the destination and due to the narrow margins that these contain, we reserve the right to charge a fee for the time of handling the insurance, in addition to the time that will be spent in case of use of the same.

Rates within Europe and United Kingdom: 10€ per person.
Rates North America, South America, Asia and Arab Emirates: 15€ per person.

Flight reservations

Lowgolf does not receive commissions on flights as the margins on flights are extremely low. We reserve the right to charge a booking fee for the time taken to quote and issue your fares through official and licensed travel agents for ticketing and booking. This usually involves us making comparative quotes through multiple sources to establish a suitable fare, which takes staff time.

Fares within Europe and the United Kingdom: €30 per person.
Fares within North America, South America, Asia and the United Arab Emirates: €45 per person.

Payments and invoices

Payments for reservations will always be in Euros (€) and always by bank transfer or credit card. Cash payments will not be accepted and Lowgolf S.L. will issue an invoice in the name of the client or company that purchases one of our products.

All payments by VISA, Mastercard or American Express will have a 2% commission as expenses of the service and online payment platform, completely unrelated to Lowgolf S.L.

Services invoiced in European Union countries do not include VAT and any invoice requested in this regard will not contain Spanish VAT.


In case of partial or total cancellation by the customer, Lowgolf will not make refunds, changes or credits unless agreed upon prior to the trip in writing. A cancellation will only be effective when received in writing via mail or email by the customer. Once received and cancelled there can be no recourse, make sure your decision is final. 

If specific services are not used, there will be no refunds, exchanges or credits. Travel services and event tickets are strictly non-transferable.

For group tours, Lowgolf reserves the right not to carry out the tour if the group is less than 6 people in total, agreeing to a full refund of the amounts advanced as deposit, reservation or final payment.

If any service or ticket in a package or trip is cancelled before or during the trip due to terrorism, natural disasters, pandemics, political instability or other external events beyond our control, there will be no refunds, exchanges or credits. This includes incorrect names provided to suppliers or absence of the client due to loss or cancellation of a transportation service. For this reason, we recommend purchasing a travel insurance policy at the time of booking and can issue a policy for you or provide other recommendations.

An event will be considered cancelled when the official organization of the event so determines. If the event is postponed or suspended (not cancelled), Lowgolf S.L. will have the obligation to move the trip to the date defined by the organization without the client being able to request a refund.

If any event is suspended during the celebration of the event, Lowgolf S.L. will be responsible for airplane reservations, transfers, rooms and everything necessary to facilitate the comfort of the client in his return trip to the country of origin, understanding these as vital expenses of the organization and being subtracted from the possible reimbursement to the client.

Complaints at destination

If you have a complaint when traveling, we recommend that you contact the supplier or service provider to resolve the problem so that they can attempt to rectify the issue on the spot. For example, if you have a complaint about a hotel room, contact the front desk or the manager on duty to resolve the issue in a timely manner. 

If the service provider does not adequately resolve the problem, we will be happy to step in to help. In this case, please contact our office as soon as possible. If the complaint occurs during the trip, we may be able to assist you by contacting the service provider directly at that time. We cannot solve problems retroactively, so it is important that you let us know at the time, so that we have the opportunity to help you and so that the service provider is aware of your dissatisfaction or complaint.

No refund will be made for dissatisfaction, change of opinion, inadequate service or problems related to the services provided. However, we want to ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience, so if you are dissatisfied during your trip, please let us know, as we will endeavor to make things right and work directly with the service provider to arrive at a solution for you if necessary.

If satisfaction is not achieved through these means at that time, any further complaint must be submitted in writing to us within 7 days after the service has ended and we will seek a solution from the service provider. In this case there are no guarantees or promises, but we will do our best to make you satisfied and happy.


Lowgolf S.L. has made a careful selection of its service providers, such as hotels, golf courses, resorts, transportation, guides and other services. However, since these are independent suppliers, Lowgolf S.L. will not be responsible for event cancellations, death, personal injury or any other loss that may occur due to:

a) Any act or omission of any of such suppliers.
b) Any other event over which Lowgolf has no control.