Unique golf travel experiences... to each client, on each and every trip.

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Golf Travel Experiences

Offering unique
experiences on every golf trip.

Because we are golfers like you, and it shows… and it shows!

At Lowgolf we are not salesmen, nor do we have a commercial department. We are a group of golfers who take care of your trip down to the smallest detail because in reality, it is the trip we would make if we could choose.

It’s not just about designing the trip, but about the whole process and the care we put from the beginning and the excellence we are able to offer, and that’s what has brought us here.

Pedro Fernández

Co-Founder of Lowgolf


...above all else.

Maybe this is going to be your first trip, or one of many… it could even be what for you is “the trip of your dreams” and every traveler deserves EXCELLENT treatment above all else and in our team we treat every trip equally by planning in detail and designing the best possible trip for you.


...with suppliers and partners.

A team is not only composed by the staff working in the office, our suppliers and partners around the world are part of it as well. A solid relationship cultivated over the years has allowed us to offer you a safe and quality experience because they are our extension in the destination.


...in the first person.

We don’t talk about experience to talk about years working… that’s not everything! We talk about experience because we invest a lot of time in visiting the destination, playing the golf courses, sleeping in the accommodations and dining in the restaurants that we will later offer you. So we know what we are talking about at all times.

What we do at Lowgolf

Golf Travel Experiences

At Lowgolf we design two types of trips: Tailor-made and Organized.

The tailor-made trip is created 100% for you with your needs and challenges to meet. We do nothing more than being a vehicle that puts it all together and presents you with an ideal trip, meeting your expectations.

In organized travel the process is the other way around. We invest our time in choosing the dates, accommodation and golf courses to put together a predefined package. This way, if you are not sure about destinations, number of people and you are hesitating to go alone, you can join our group (maximum 20 people per trip) and enjoy our accompaniment at the destination.

We love what we do...

It is clear to us that every client deserves unique attention EXCELLENCE.

Your next golf trip may be your first, it may be one of the many you’ve taken or it may be that famous “trip of a lifetime” you’ve always dreamed of. 

We treat you all the same, as if you are the only one you will be able to travel to and as if we are also going to accompany you. When we plan your trip with those thoughts in mind, we know it will be the best trip we can plan and build for you and the best trip you can hope for.

We believe you deserve our fanatical attention to detail, our real-world experience with the places we offer, our ability to make every part of your trip run seamlessly and our genuine commitment to you and your golf travel plans.

Golf Travel Experiences
"During the last 11 years, Pedro has put all his effort, enthusiasm and work with the aim of making golf grow in Spain, I have witnessed all of this thanks to his commitment to the children in the Miguel Angel Jimenez Circuit."
Golf Travel Experiences
Miguel Ángel Jiménez
Professional player